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Baum has more than 15 years of communications experience. Prior to joining the Bucks, he was chief communications officer for Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, where he created and implemented the global communications strategy for the opening 的 Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets’ new brand identity in Brooklyn. Subsequently, he oversaw the day-to-day public relations effort for the company, including the venue’s programming franchises, the Nets, the New York Islanders’ business operations and all business initiatives.

Before joining Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment and the Nets in 2005, Baum served as a publicist for more than three years with DKC, a national public relations firm, and was a sportswriter from 1994-2001 at the New York Post.

鲍姆是威斯康星 - 麦迪逊大学的毕业生感到自豪,赢得新闻,在那里他的日常基数体育记者学位。鲍姆担任球童从1984-87纽约尼克斯队。