卡洛斯·达瓦洛斯 eating

卡洛斯·达瓦洛斯是博士学生,助教,并在新闻与大众传播的188bet体育网站(网站登录)的学校项目助理。在2017年查尔斯收到了来自德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校的民族音乐学系硕士学位的他在墨西哥的嘻哈现场工作。在2009年我收到新闻的加州大学伯克利分校的研究生院硕士学位专业为他在墨西哥城的非法,地下毒品康复设施的工作 - anexos. Mexico’s society and popular culture influence his main academic research agenda. Primary interests are the influence of U.S. mass media & mainstream culture in the configuration 的 Mexican identity. Cultural, postcolonial, and media imperialism studies are also central interests. Previously, Carlos was a journalist in Mexico City and taught at the Communications Department in Mexico City’s Universidad Iberoamericana. He also publishes independent records and books. carlosdavalos.com